Beautiful Perth Ontario.

Perth Ontario.

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<body bgcolor="white" link="#996600" vlink="#6699cc" alink="#6699cc"> <center> <h2><font face="arial" size="5" color="#996600">Perth, Ontario.</font></h2> </center> <center> <img src="perthontario.jpg" width="439" height="329" alt="Perth Ontario townhall."> </center> <br /> <center> <table width="60%> <tr><td> <font face="arial" size="3" color="#6699cc"><h1>Perth Ontario</h1> <p>"This Perth Ontario web site has been provided to assist people who want to visit Perth.</p> <p>"<b>Perth</b> is a beautiful heritage town located in Eastern Ontario Canada. &nbsp;This Perth web site is dedicated to the merchants of Perth and the thousands of tourists who visit Perth each year.</p> <p>"To assist you browser challenged people, Beautiful Perth dot com has provided the following menu (below) to assist with your navigation of this Perth tourism site. &nbsp;Then you will have to use your browser's BACK BUTTON to return to this menu after viewing each page. &nbsp; From this Perth menu page you will travel out to the other Perth pages to view their contents and then you will have to return to this menu page using your browser's BACK BUTTON to select another destination within the web site.</p> </td></tr></table> </center> <br /> <center> <table width="65%"> <tr><td> <p>"Should this Perth Ontario web site not be functioning as per design, even though we have tested it, please e-mail us at <a href="" subject="No Frames Perth Ontario site not working">Click here to send us e-mail</a></p> <p>Beautiful is the first choice for information on Perth, Ontario. What to see in Perth. What to do, where to stay and where to eat while in Perth. Including maps, about Perth, events, festivals, calendar, photos, pictures, directory of, business, products, services, maple festival, garlic festival, Stewart Park Festival, Perth Fair, and the Perth weather.</p> <p>"Perth is a beautiful tourism town; it is well worth the venture out to see it. &nbsp;There is always something going on from early spring to late fall and the winter sports, quiet and solitude makes Perth Canada a great get-away spot to kick-back and relax.</p> <p>"Make Perth Ontario your next tourism destination . . . or better still move to Perth and make it your home for life. &nbsp;Perth - what life is really all about. Thank you for visiting Beautiful Perth dot com and enjoy your virtual tour of <b>Perth</b>.</p></font> </td></tr></table> </center> </body>